Active listening & Surveillance of the digital market

We analyse how your customers look for the services that you provide and monitor what they say about you and your competitors.

We analyse where your customers are listening and getting involved.

We analyse how searches associated with your industry have evolved.

We listen to and track your competitors and analyse how they present themselves online and what services they offer.

We compare your products with your competitors.

We analyse what people are saying about brands, prices, service... enabling us to keep abreast of movements in your industry.

We identify key online users and media that are talking about your organisation, your competitors and your industry.

With this information, we help you make decisions on your strategy in the digital world. More information.

We work to find out how the general public view the services you provide and monitor what they are saying and what concerns them.

To know what interests them and where they are listening and participating.

To know what users and Internet media are saying when they talk about your organisation.

To identify the most influential users and media talking about your organisation.

To listen to trends and innovations in similar organisations to yours.

Successful case studies

Internet & Euskadi

The Internet & Euskadi association was set up on 8 March, 2003 to defend the general interests of citizens with regard to the information society. It has since developed to become an observatory analysing the digital market to identify different strategic sectors for the Basque economy.
The purpose of this project is to analyse how the cloud service provider sector presents itself in Europe.
Benefits: : Following completion of the project, we now have useful knowledge to transfer to government authorities and companies from the sector, such as:
  • Knowing how and how often cloud services are being sought in different European countries.
  • Determining the EU positioning with regard to the cloud service provider sector.
  • Knowing how the cloud business is developing in EU countries and who are the leading players in Europe.
  • Knowing the most common arguments used for and against cloud computing, using online tracking.
  • Having relevant information to allow Basque companies providing a cloud service to know what social forums they should get involved in, where they can keep abreast of new developments in Europe and what e-marketplaces they can find clients in.
  • Knowing how the money is moving in terms of investments in the cloud service provider sector.

Bilbao Kirolak

Bilbao Kirolak is the municipal sports institute of Bilbao. It was interested in gaining a clearer idea of the needs of its subscribers and amongst other channels, it decided to roll out an online active listening process. The listening includes channels such as online press, blogs, forums and public profiles on social networks.
Benefits: As a result of active listening, Bilbao Kirolak has new information for decision-making, such as:
  • What do users look for when they search for Bilbao Kirolak?
  • How often do people search for Bilbao Kirolak?
  • How have searches affecting Bilbao Kirolak evolved?
  • What are the social media saying about Bilbao Kirolak?
  • What are they saying about the sports complexes in Bilbao?
  • What are they saying about courses, timetables, prices and the Bilbao Kirolak card?
  • What is the best way of building loyalty among users aged between 15 and 30?
  • What actions are other similar bodies using?
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