Business Intelligence

We help you make use of your information to manage your performance.

We provide management with the resources they need to steer the business in the direction they want, organising management information in such a way that the client can see the extent to which their targets have been reached.

By creating Comprehensive Scorecards, we help our clients formulate, communicate and measure easily and visually those key targets, strategies and business plans, helping them to speed up the decision-making process.

Strategic Planning and Budgeting using SAP BPC

  • Integrating the strategy plan with the budget in a single process.
  • Providing consistency between the budget and the operating targets.
  • Improving and facilitating the budgetary process to obtain results in the shortest possible time and with a reasonable levle of effort.

Financial Consolidation and Reporting: Consolidated financial statements show company results in complex structures with linked operations and with different operating currencies, allowing a consolidated overview and a management-oriented vision.

Definition and analysis of costs and profitability of businesses, clients, markets, etc. as well as of activities performed and analysis of cause and effect.

Successful case studies


A services company with clients in different industries required the creation of a model to obtain information and an analysis of the activity.
Solution introduced:
  • Serikat helped EGC to define, model and establish the mechanisms for capturing the information for performing consolidation efficiently.
  • Serikat also provided scorecards as a tool of data analysis which provide up-to-the-minute information on the different business lines, companies, etc.
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