Digital strategy

Aligning online strategy with the general strategy of your business.

Defining an action plan to be rolled out online, which will enable you to meet the targets you have set for your business.

Deciding with you on execution of that action plan, prioritising certain actions. Putting the action plan into practise.

To provide more knowledge on the possibilities that the Internet can offer your firm.

To capture business opportunities from the net, becoming your online sales staff.

Possibility of accessing other markets via the net.

Greater knowledge of how your industry is moving on the net.

Possibility of replicating other strategies that are operating on the net in companies from the industry in which your business operates.

Aligning your current business model with a digital strategy.

You can get further information on how we can become your online sales staff and how we can help you with digital internationalisation.

Successful case studies

Fomento de San Sebastián

The project consisted of helping 12 companies from the renewable energy industry to define their respective digital strategies, with the focus on capturing online opportunities. The digital strategy of each of the companies defines a series of actions in the following domains:
  • Positioning. Actions focusing on achieving visibility.
  • Social media. Actions focusing on being more visible wherever the target audience is to be found.
  • Analytics. Actions focused on measuring the degree to which targets are being met.
  • Active listening. Actions focusing on knowing what people are saying about you, the competition and your industry.
  • Starting from this project, each of the companies has a personalised plan to roll out on the net, focusing on each firm's meeting business targets.
  • Greater visibility of the different companies on the net.
  • Greater knowledge of how their industry is moving on the net.

Aceite Ebre

Producer of vegetable oil interested in opening up new markets in EU countries, especially through location of wholesalers and importers and a search for collaboration agreements with them.
  • Capturing clients in new markets at less cost, through the use of e-marketplaces specialising in the primary sector.
  • Clearance of stock.


The project consisted of defining the digital strategy and accompaniment in execution of that strategy, turning us into Stickerizate's online sales force. Stickerizate manufactures stickers for personalising sports material (Padel, cycling, golf, skiing and tennis).
  • Increase in sales and optimisation of pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Greater control over conversion of visitors into customers.
  • Greater brand dissemination.
  • Greater increase in purchases from organic searches.
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