Infrastructures Maintenance and Operation

We provide solutions and services of value in the areas of System Administration and Maintenance, Operation, User Care Centre, Communications, Security and Telephony.

Consultancy, we identify the existing infrastructure and propose technical solutions

Implementation, of technical solutions

Maintenance , of infrastructures and elements

First and second tier duty service

Experts in Database, Virtualization, Operating System, High-Availability, Hardware and Communications technologies.

Successful case studies

Ministry for Economy and Competitiveness

The Ministry for Economy and Competitiveness demands very versatile profiles with extensive knowledge in different technologies.
In addition, it requires a staffed service in CCC format, for management of fixed and mobile telephony, with hours adapted to the needs of senior posts.
Solution proposed by Serikat:
  • Serikat provided its own personnel for the project, with expertise in the technologies used at the time of contracting.
  • This version is a service provided in the Ministry for Economy and Competitiveness's two facilities in Madrid.
  • With experience in similar projects, procedures were applied that will considerably improve the service, increasing levels of satisfaction.
  • Major cost reductions in the IT service.
  • Contribution of added value, contributing knowledge, solutions and management tools.
  • Flexibility in actions of our technical staff.
  • Rapid assistance with critical incidents.
  • Personalised or remote assistance.
  • The client's personnel focus on the company's higher-value business tasks.
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