Management of Training Plans & Contents

Our services are oriented towards consultancy in training and knowledge and –using this consultancy service as a base– designing solutions for organisations that combine both formal and informal training (in all systems – classroom, e-learning and blended) backed by the latest technological developments offered by the Internet, social networks, Web 2.0 and 3.0. This is all oriented towards effectively managing knowledge management within the organisation.

Starting with our clients' training needs, we identify an educational model that covers the organisation's knowledge needs, design the training plan and take charge of introduction, managing the entire educational process.

One of our outstanding features is our knowledge centre solution. This is a collaborative solution, in which the staff from an organisation create and share the knowledge they need to carry out their day-to-day work. In this concept, a knowledge centre combines formal and informal training.

As a complement, we have the necessary resources to design the educational contents your organisation requires and to create them for different devices.

Successful case studies

Community of Madrid

IT and Communications Agency of the Community of Madrid
Organisation of educational programmes, technical/educational advice, design and performance of teaching activities and auxiliary tasks arising from the organisation of the training activities contained in the IT Education Plan of the Community of Madrid (all forms of training).
  • Improvement in detection of new training needs
  • Improvement in existing knowledge flows in all processes, which translate into an increase in efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace
  • Greater accessibility to training in new ICT tools for public employees of the Comunidad de Madrid, thanks to the design and distribution of courses in e-learning format.
  • Greater productivity in the workplace and better quality of services offered to the public.

Basque Government

Construction of a collaborative environment allowing the creation of communities of practices linked to the subject or area of training required by Basque Government employees. This portal is a space for tutored learning with educational and teaching materials on common electronic processing tools, facilitating self-teaching of Basque Government public-sector employees.
  • Pooling of knowledge on educational contents among users.
  • Conversion of tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge.
  • Better capacity for information location: search engines optimised to perform searches for metadata.
  • Better communication: with automatic notifications on changes made in documents.
  • Better teamwork processes: with version control and version locking for collaborative work.
  • Greater capacity for recognising experts within the organisation.
  • Greater capacity for distributing knowledge according to each worker's needs.
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