Process management

Working with ASEM Prevención, an occupational risk prevention expert with functional experience and knowledge of the business, Serikat has developed a web solution for managing CBA-related documentation effectively and flexibly.

It is used:

  • When one of the different companies carries out activities or processes classified by law as hazardous or involving special risks to the health and safety of the other companies.
  • In cases in which it is particularly difficult to monitor interactions between the different activities being performed in the workplace that might entail serious or very serious risks.
  • When there is particular difficulty in avoiding the successive or simultaneous performance of activities that are mutually incompatible in OHS terms.
  • In cases involving particular complexity in coordinating preventative activities because of the number of concurrent firms and workers, the type of activities being carried out or the specific characteristics of the workplace.

Collaborative management of quality procedures, standards and documentation defining individual responsibilities within the firm.

Risk identification and assessment enabling information gathering on the main groups of risks in the working area (chemical, auditory, heat, light, ergonomic, psychosocial, etc.) using specific technical forms for each type of risk.

Management of preventative measures, communicating needs to those responsible for the area and for each of the specific activities.

Management of occupational accidents, allowing accident reports to be incorporated (integrated with the Delta system) and management of accident investigations when necessary.

Safety of work teams: allows verification that current safety standards are being adhered to, using specific safety forms for each type of work team and allowing for the creation of specific check forms.

Planning of preventative activity applied to allocation and distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE), occupational medical examinations (OMEs) and internal education.


  • Assisted management of each module with the system reminding users of the principal milestones in which they will be involved.
  • Comprehensive management of information on Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP), allowing overall processing of the different issues, exploitation of information through lists and reports and configurable generation of general dossiers.
  • It enables creation of different roles and access levels, limiting data access in order to distribute each user’s responsibilities to each of the modules in the system among ORP heads and users indirectly affected by their actions.
  • Management of business groups allowing policy-making at both general (group) level and for each individual firm.
  • Use of standard office computing formats for generating reports and documents.

Portfolio planning and execution:

  • Drafting of annual budget.
  • Project planning and launch: project plans, preparation and monitoring of baselines.
  • PMO tracking: replanning, task progress (scheduled and actual), management of key facts and risks, budgetary adjustments and update of closing estimates.
  • Analysis of management indicators: monitoring of incidents and deviations.

Quality assurance:

  • Assessment of ISO 9001 quality compliance: internal audits, management of non-compliances and corrective actions.
  • Documentary support for quality system: standards, procedures, technical and management documents.

Process management:

  • Modelling of IT processes: Monitoring and redefinition of processes with a view to continuous improvement of the overall process map.
  • Modelling of KPIs and scoreboards.

Risk management:

  • Maintenance of elements in the check model in the risk management application.
  • Monitoring of analysis and assessment of checks and risks for each of the organisations in IBERDROLA.

Successful case studies

Smurfit Kappa

Smurfit Kappa has a system for documenting coordination of business activities of companies coming to its facilities. We have achieved real time data, greater efficiency for both the client company and for contractors and synchronisation between the data and the physical checkpoint tools (turnstiles, barriers, etc.) in order to verify that only authorised personnel can access the company's facilities.
  • Parametrization/personalization: allows parametrization of the documentation to be requested from subcontractors according to the client's needs and requirements.
  • Control of expiry dates: Documents are requested regularly and automatically, according to their validity periods.
  • Monitoring of accesses: possibility of rapid checking of whether a worker can access a site or installation depending on documentation status (using colour-coding). If not, any documentation pending delivery and/or validation is displayed.
  • Access to subcontractors: the application allows (limited) access to subcontractors, allowing them to enter the requested documents and register the workers who are going to carry out the work.

IBEX Company

The aim is to provide a multidisciplinary team of professionals combining technical IT and management knowledge, experts in project management, quality regulations and process and risk management.
This Service is oriented towards helping and collaborating with the existing planning, strategy and systems innovation organisation, project heads and project managers, and other services related to the systems department, facilitating their work and providing support in activities, which although not critical to project results, are critical for establishing a business model based on a commitment to compliance with quality regulations in its information systems.
  • Frees up technical staff from management tasks allowing them to use their skills more intensely, thus maximising the functional value of the internal leaders in each area.
  • Information quality: systems constantly updated and ongoing review of the information associated with projects.
  • Standardisation of working models and standardisation of reports.
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