SDLS (Serikat Data Linkage Solution)

SERIKAT’s SDLS tool is a software package capable of cross-referencing different people-related data input sources from different sources and in different formats.

Identifies pairs of records with information corresponding to the same entity (person).

Automates and speeds up merging processes that involve large amounts of resources and time.

Protects data privacy and confidentiality.

Eliminates data redundancy

Reduces storage and management costs.

Successful case studies

Public bodies

Public bodies receive enormous quantities of people-related information, from municipal authorities, provincial governments and other external bodies.
They need to cross-reference this data with other bodies and with their internal systems.
Solution proposed by Serikat:
  • Processes have been developed that have managed to integrate millions of records, achieving response times that are appropriate for the volumes of information being processed.
  • We process files from all types of sources: municipal authorities, provincial governments, public bodies ...
  • We are capable of handling a wide variety of input formats currently on the market: TXT, ACCESS, EXCEL, BBDD Oracle, DB2, SQL-SERVER, etc.
  • Flexible, allowing dynamic choice of search criteria and their “weight” in the system’s decision-making process. Possibility of extending or reducing the type of processing of the mergers, seeking the best solution in terms of technical effectiveness for the requirement.
  • Scalable, contributing customised solutions for data input sources other than those included in the system.
  • Productive, with an appropriate quality of merger for the established requirement.
  • Integratable, with the possibility of using existing data in the systems or external sources as master data. The system generates output data which can be integrated and processed on any system.
  • System self-learning, system feedback with the information obtained allowing continuous improvement of the results obtained.
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