eGovernment & eProcurement

SERIKAT gives comprehensive support to the Basque contracting powers in the advertising process, helping ensure transparency in the public procurement framework.

SERIKAT’s solution forms part of an initiative undertaken by the Basque public procurement body, Contratación Pública en Euskadi (CPE-KPE). Various projects were carried out, resulting in an information system that meets a range of needs in the public procurement process.

The CPE-KPE’s information system consists of:

  • Electronic tendering
  • Official Contractor Registration (OCR)
  • Profile of contracting parties and profile of successful tenderers.
  • Temporary company authorisation (joint ventures, joint tenders and companies not registered in the ROC)
  • ATRIO procurement file manager
  • Basque Register of Contracts (REVASCON)
  • Classification of Companies.
  • Submission of notices to OJEU
  • Administrative Contractual Resources Body
  • Submission of notices to the Official Gazette of the Basque Country
  • e-Billing

Knowledge of regulations governing public procurement.

Knowledge and participation in the public procurement process

Opening of contracting file. ATRIO AND ELECTRONIC TENDERING.

Preparation and publication of specifications and cover sheet. ATRIO, TENDERING AND PROFILE OF CONTRACTING PARTY.

Downloading of specifications and tender submission by tenderer. Notification of receipt of tender. TENDERING AND PROFILE OF CONTRACTING PARTIES.

Opening of legal documentation and classification of tenders. TENDERING

Submission of rectifications by tenderer. TENDERING AND PROFILE OF CONTRACTING PARTY

Opening of sealed tenders, proposal on award of contract, award of contract and refund of provisional bonds. ATRIO, TENDERING AND PROFILE OF CONTRACTING PARTY

Preparation of contract, furnishing of definitive bonds, signing of contract. ATRIO, TENDERING, PROFILE OF CONTRACTING PARTIES, REVASCON

Execution and completion of contract, alterations, extensions. ATRIO, REVASCON

Personalised and immediate attention to Basque contracting powers during incorporation and integration into the Basque public procurement platform.

Organisation of seminars on the tools that the CPE-KPE offers all Basque contracting powers.

Software support (corrective maintenance) during the period of the contract, for managing incidents, requests and consultations from the different groups of users.

Successful case studies

Basque finance and revenue department

Profile of contracting parties, made necessary the Public Contracts Act (30/2007), is the electronic platform for advertising bids for tenders and their results over the Internet. Any other information that public procurement powers consider necessary for the contracts is also included.
The Basque register of public sector contracts constitutes the official central information system on public procurement. As such, it forms the support for knowledge, analysis and research of public procurement, statistics in the area of public contracts, compliance with national and international requirements on information on public procurement and communication of contract information to other government bodies, in accordance with the principle of transparency.
The register will be the instrument used by the public authorities for review and continuous improvement of public procurement procedures and practices, analysis of the quality, reliability and efficiency of providers, and supervision of competition and transparency on public markets.
  • Strict compliance with the Public Sector Procurement Act, especially in terms of proving the initiation of public dissemination of the information on public requests for tenders.
  • Transparency towards companies
  • Publication of the maximum possible contents permitted by the Public Sector Procurement Act.
  • Simplification of access to information, comparison of versions, traceability.
  • Access to tools for all Basque contracting powers in order to avoid duplication of expense.
  • Providing companies access to public procurement from a single portal.
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