Solutions and services focusing on optimisation of management processes in the legal and court area.

These arrangements are the result of Serikat's broad experience in providing services to the main agents in Spain’s judicial sector.

Digitization and automated cataloguing of judicial files

Automatic processing of jurisprudence

Anonymization of legal documentation: Automatic elimination of any data which, for reasons of confidentiality or compliance with data protection regulations, must be removed from a legal document.

Successful case studies

International law firm: Document anonymizer

The firm had launched a corporate knowledge management initiative. For this purpose, it had introduced a document manager and had established policies to encourage sharing of documents among the different staff working in the firm.
However, the initiative was threatened by the reluctance of certain staff to share documents which they considered to contain sensitive information about their clients.
Faced with this problem, Serikat has developed an automatic anonymizer that makes it possible to hide confidential details of the documentation on cases managed by the firm.
Integrated with the firm's document management platform, the anonymizer automatically processes all documents entered into the document manager by office employees.
  • Considerably increases the volume of documents shared by the different professionals in the corporate document manager.
  • Conveys to clients the feeling that their information is being handled confidentially even within the firm itself.
  • Optimises management processes eliminating the use of paper and automating the extraction of relevant information from the documents.
  • Facilitates sharing of documentation within organisations, guaranteeing confidentiality of the sensitive client information.
  • Enriches the documentation through the incorporation of automatic references to legislation, regulations, jurisprudence, etc.
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